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Immortal Cities: Nile Online » Ancient Egyptian browser-based Empire Builder

Immortal Cities: Nile Online
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Nile Online
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Immortal Cities: Nile Online is a free to play persistent browser-based empire and city building game set in ancient Egypt. Play with thousands of other players as you construct cities and monuments worthy of your legacy as Pharaoh! Nile Online is casually paced; it's something you can play throughout the day, minutes at a time.

The game is free to play and there is nothing to download or install - within seconds you're commanding, tweaking and growing your empire from anywhere that you have access to the internet.

Theoris: 1,157 ships sailing the Nile. 1,324,938 laborers working. 44 buildings upgrading. 86 market sales (past day).
Sabah: 2 ships sailing the Nile. 523,435 laborers working. 4 buildings upgrading. 17 market sales (past day).
From humble beginnings... renowned Pharaoh!

Construct great Monuments

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Nome Level
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